Hull Roundheads RUFC

The Hull Roundheads RUFC founded in Hull, East Yorkshire, Aug. 2018 on the basis of joining a global community of Inclusive Rugby where men of any gender, sexuality and race can come together for the love of the sport and get into Rugby. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bi, straight or trans, The Roundheads is a family that brings people together for one purpose, to play rugby and to have fun playing the sport! Whether you have played all your life or never played before, we have a coaching team that will be able to guide you through or brush up your rugby skills. So why not join us as we start our journey?

Hull has an incredibly rich history and association with rugby, which is why we felt we needed to put the city’s stamp into the world of Inclusive Rugby.
So why the Roundheads? Unusual name right? Well, the name is a nod to our city’s history. During the English Civil War, The Ridings of Yorkshire in Northern England were all Royalists, i.e. they supported the King’s forces over Parliament soldiers aka The Roundheads so named because of the shape of their helmets.
However, during this time the city’s elders refused to grant King Charles I entry into the city and slammed the gates shut and declared their allegiance and support to Parliament and Hull became the base that Oliver Cromwell launched his successful campaign to take the North and win the Civil War. So there we go. Hopefully, you have learnt something new!
Like the Roundheads we have based our team name on, we wont be just conquering the North of England on the rugby pitches, we will be conquering the world of Inclusive Rugby! So that we are rememberable not just for our name but our performance too.