Hull Roundheads Launch 2019/20 Kit

We’re massively pleased to announce that Pride in Hull are the main Shirt sponsor of The Roundheads.

Chair of Pride in Hull, Matt Walton said:

“At Pride in Hull, we’re here to help build communities and tear down barriers. Sport is an incredible way for people to get out there and meet people, but we know that sometimes people find engaging with sport difficult.

“We’ve already seen that the work the Roundheads are doing to get GBT+ people out of their homes and onto the pitch has made a massive impact on their lives. We’re incredibly proud to sponsor the group and help them get their kit on.”

And what a mighty fine kit it is too.

The Roundheads launched the kit in stages throughout the day, starting off with a Photoshoot at the Beverley Gate, where famously the Roundheads denied the King access to the city.

This was followed up with another photoshoot inside the famous Plotting rooms.

We started the evening events off with the official launch in front of press at Furleys, Hull where Chairman David spoke.

“LGBTQ+ individuals can often feel alienated, not ‘fitting in’ to hetero norms or to the gay scene.  But every year Pride in Hull has brought people together on a massive scale to celebrate the vibrant diversity we have here in this city.  That’s the same spirit which inspired and moves our team.  In a team like the Roundheads, everyone has a part to play, everyone belongs – in a safe space where we can all play and learn and grow in confidence, and truly be part of something “bigger and brighter”

“This sponsorship is exactly what the Roundheads needs. It enables us, literally, to wear our pride in Hull on our chests – which we will display to others around the country and around the world.”

We finished the night off with 2 Parties, each at one of our sponsors Saville & Star.

The Roundheads are a team of men of any sexuality, who come together for the love of the sport. Whether you have played rugby all your life or never played before, you’ll be welcomed into the Roundheads family – and look rather dashing in the new kit.