Lockdown – A Players Perspective

Riding the wave of our success, our sense of achievement, our sense of brotherhood, the Roundheads felt confident in ourselves and the future. Training together was paying off, our bonds were solidifying, our friendships putting down roots, our skills starting to blossom. And then Coronavirus. Our training sessions were postponed, our games cancelled, our league was called off. Lockdown had arrived.

At first it was no big deal. No one knew what to expect, how long it would last, how it would affect us. Then the truth of the situation became clear. People were sick. Worse: people were dying. It became clear this wasn’t some passing experience, this was going to be a battle the entire country was facing.

The Roundheads is a team, a family of differences. Despite the trying times, and despite our differences, we knew that even divided by roles, separated by symptoms and space, support was there. It came in many forms: The Group chat: a place where every member of the team can talk. The checking in, are we ok? How are we doing? Is anyone struggling? The conversations about drag race, about Boris, about the weather, anything and everything helped. The reminiscences about past games and moments, looking back on fond memories we share, talking about our future and the plans to make more.

The Zoom calls: whether it’s a conversation over our Sunday roasts, some online training and coaching or the weekly quiz, these virtual get togethers keep us close and conscious of each other’s state of mind. As well as an excuse to show off how few brain cells we’ve lost to tackles and tries and teamwork.

The challenges: from the creating challenges (trash bag fashion show), the recreating challenges (album covers, film scenes and art works) as well as the lip sync challenges. All gave us something to work together to create. They cured the boredom for a while, they created a sense of camaraderie between us that we missed, they provided solidarity in the wider community and they provided an insight into the team for those outsiders considering a future with the Roundheads. The pictures and videos serve to entertain, to distract and remind us we are a team.

Ball, Kick, Kit, Studs (Music Video)

We are sorry that we have been a little silent on our challenges recentlty, we felt inspired by this quote and have been working on something big:“????’? ??? ?????? ?? ???????. ??? ??? ???? ???????? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ? ????? ???? ???? ???? ??? ??? ?? ??, ??? ???’?? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ???? ???????” – Todrick HallFrom our homes, for our friends. From the Roundheads with love. ?❤️

Posted by Hull Roundheads RUFC on Saturday, 16 May 2020

The birthday celebrations: birthdays in lockdown could easily be something overlooked, forgotten about or even resented. As a team we come together and celebrate each players birthday, maybe just a collective singing of happy birthday or a risky roast of each other but whatever form it takes the message is the same: each player is respected, appreciated and loved.

It wasn’t until the hard times began that I realised the meaning and the depth of feeling that was tied up with my team. I didn’t realise how much time I spent with them. I didn’t realise how much I depended on them all. I realise it now. Now I know how close we are. Now I know how important each player is to me, how important we are to each other. If anything, this time apart has done nothing but confirm how necessary the Roundheads is for me. I cannot wait to arrive at training and see their faces. I cannot wait to play a game, and win or lose, embrace my brothers afterwards. I cannot wait to see them in person and share their smiles.

To anyone thinking about joining a team, I’d say “do it as soon as you can” if that team is the Roundheads I know you’ll be welcome. We’re a team, a family, a home. A time to get together is still far off, and each of us has to get through this. I’m proud to play alongside key workers that are vital in the fight against Covid-19. I’m proud to play alongside those players that clap for the NHS, those that do what they can to help who they can. I’m proud to be a Roundhead.