Typhoons Vs Roundheads – A Players Perspective

An early start for the Roundheads, as they convoyed their way across the Penines to Preston for the penultimate league game of the season. The dark hours could not dim the bright enthusiasm in the players eyes, and the weather seemed to reward us with a bright crisp day at the Grasshopper’s grounds, where the Typhoons play.

This game meant a lot to the Roundheads. With a place at the bottom of the league looming the pressure could be felt in the air. The warm up was less warm, and the players were on edge. Blink, and we were meeting the ref. Blink, and he was blowing his whistle to start the game. Blink again, and the Typhoons had scored. The try so early was proof, this team was not to be underestimated. This was a team ready to fight a war, and they’d brought an army of players to face us.

The Roundheads were left reeling, and had to respond or retreat. Never a team to surrender, we rose to meet our foes. The Typhoons strength of numbers, strength of skill, strength in general was evident and their power in the scrums took its toll on the experienced and inexperienced alike. Without the numbers to refresh the forwards, we continued on courage and cooperation alone, but at the cost of cohesion.

Forward of the game was awarded to Ian, the Roundheads’ defence against a clean sheet, who played his heart out and scored each try battered, bloodied and bruised.

Back of the Match was hard earned by Adam, who came into his own this game with epic runs teamed with some tough tackles winning him his third post match pint.

Man of the Match went to Morgan, whose versatility of skill and build was all too clear this game, he could easily join the forwards if the backs would let him go.

Each player deserves a mention for the effort they put in. However, honourable mentions go to Nath whose efforts are always relied upon wherever and whenever we play.

Ben France who ran a trial by fire, on his second outing he ended up on the front row against the strongest scrums we’ve yet to face. Every other player that’s nursing strains, scrapes and scabs: this week’s war wounds.

The Typhoons fought hard for their victory, and they deserved the win. Each loss the Roundheads has gained could break teams with less invested players. Each one of us gives everything. When there are no subs to come on, when there are pains to be overcome: we respond, we react , we retaliate. We’re low in the league, but our spirits and determination have never been higher.

Last game of the league is approaching and the Roundheads’ will meet it with the same excitement and exhilaration we have every other. Win as a team Lose as a team Grow as a team.